About  SAT-Training:

SAT-Training is an offshore training place with specialty within oil/gas, wind and maritime courses. We do have 25 years of experience and a reliable background in the above mentioned sectors. Our training sites are placed after the concept “Train local work global”. SAT-Training can offer training sites in Denmark and Sweden, placed at the following destinations: Esbjerg, Korsør and Käringön close at Gothenburg.

At our training sites we use skilled instructors just like we are using the best safety equipment to our courses. In dialog with the authorities and our customers we are making sure that we constantly fulfill the demands and conditions which are in force at the training areas in question. No jobs are too big or too small. SAT-Training will tailor-made our courses after the demands and wishes from our customers.


SAT-Training cooperate with professional course suppliers so that we can offer “One Stop Shop” concept to our customers. The demands and need of our customers are arranged of the administration of SAT-Training and the principle about “Train local work global” are followed by making the best possible use of the placing of the training sites compared with the destination of our customers.

Collaborator of SAT-Training:

  • RESC - Rescue Center Korsør
  • Offshore Supporten - Käringön - Gøteborg

Customer service

SAT-Training is continuously evaluated from authorities, participants and customers. Each participant evaluate the course and our course satisfaction are at an average of 4,9 out of 5 possible. The authorities is auditing SAT-Training constantly to make sure that we have the newest knowledge and qualifications at the safety areas.

We have developed the concept “One stop shop” which means that we beyond course activities offer different services which include hotel, full provisioning, collection participants to the course place from public railway- and bus stations, booking of medical examination etc.

At illness or if the participant doesn´t fulfill the course for reason of health we do offer a substitute course free of charge. We do accept that our customers change the names of the participants at coming courses with one day notice in return for payment of a minor administration fee.